The CEO's Playbook

turning the employees you have
into the dream team you always wanted

You love your work and your company, but don’t know what else to do to get your employees to love it, too.

They are good people, you know that, but your dream is to be brilliant together. Dedication, passion, joy at work… are these too much to ask for?

They’re not!

In “The CEO’s Playbook” author Nora Ganescu shows you how to become that exciting and innovative workplace that creates one game changing success after the other.


  • Discover where is the only effective starting point for creating change.
  • Understand why much of what has worked before in companies is not working anymore, and why so many companies are struggling.
  • Find out how to remove the biggest barrier that stops you from succeeding with ease and joy.
  • Learn how to bring people together in passionate conversation and action.
  • Get simple and elegant tools to approach (and answer) any business and team question that comes up.

If running your company feels more like pushing a huge boulder up the mountain, then you are not alone. This book can help.

I talk about the book withy publisher in this 5 minutes video! Listen in, it's fun!!



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  • A calculator that gives you an accurate estimate of how much money you could save if you engage your people (and how much you waste every year if you don’t).  (tip: you can use this also to strengthen you business case for change).
  • A short quiz that will give you a picture of where are you right now... where does your management model work for you and where doesn't.
  • A visual map, so that you know what to do at a glance.
  • and more...
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