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Here is a link to my book "THE CEO'S PLAYBOOK: turning the employees you have into the dream team you always wanted". A detailed insight into how to initiate and support a culture of passion, responsibility and self-organizing in your company


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Want to know exactly how much would you save EVERY YEAR (at least), if all your people would be engaged and bring all their talents and passion to work? Check it out below :)

How Much Could You Save?
How many people work at your company?
What is the average salary at your company
Engaged employees are happier AND healthier people ... 10 % decrease in absenteeism
Engaged employees stay working for you longer ... 10 % decrease in staff turnover
Engaged employees are significantly more productive ... 5 % increase in productivity
In total, engaging your employees could save you every year

Click here to see how I calculated the above (very modest, conservative assumptions!)