Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Are your programs virtual or face to face?
The Engagement Launchpad, 1 Day Strategy Intensive is most of the time virtual. In some cases it can also be face to face.
The Engagement Flight Camp is a series of coaching sessions that take place through phone or Skype.
The Complete Package is a mix of virtual and in person, but it always contains several in person session, too.

2) So, will my employees be engaged if I work with you? For ever?
Wow, thanks for asking, because I was longing to answer this question!.
The answer is: it depends... on you!
You have the power, as a CEO or a manager to create engagement and I will show you how. I will give you the strategy, the tools and the support you need.
But ultimately you have to do it. You have to implement my advice, otherwise... guess what? You will be wiser, but nothing will change. Implementation is what ultimately will give you the results.
Also, don't think of it as a "one off" (as in: I will do one different kind of meeting, a one off "values" workshop, or an "Away Day" and I am done with it forever.
Engaging your people needs to be at the core of your work going forward. It is not difficult, or scarry, or more work... but it might mean that you'll have to change some of your approaches.
And if you do it consistently, you will see the results.
I can ABSOLUTELY guarantee that.

3) What do you mean by doing less (as in "Greater Success, Doing Less")?
It means, that you will create the kind of engagement culture in your company, where you will not need to micromanage, but you will be free to lead your company into the future.
Much less control, much less fear that things won't work out if you stop watching for a second.
For you have created the team that has your back and you have theirs. You can now focus on the part of your work that brings you joy, and they can focus on their area of expertise. Everybody wins, without pain and tears. That is what is possible for you.

4) In what languages do you work?
I work in English, German, Romanian and Hungarian.

5) I am not in Europe / US / "the West" / etc. Will your approach help me and my company?
I have worked with people and organizations around the world. I have found that while organizational culture can be very different, some of the most basic drivers of engagement are universal. Everywhere people long to be seen, to contribute and be part of a community. So, YES!

6) Can my entire team participate in your programs (the Engagement Launchpad Intensive and the Engagement Flight Camp)?
Yes, I can have teams of up to 3 of your people. For larger groups I need to create a custom design.
Get in touch and we can talk about your needs.