Lucija Popovska, Program director

Habitat for Humanity, Europe, Middle East, Africa

 What results have you achieved since we started working together?
There are too many to even be able to remember them. I certainly know I have stopped being stressed about what is going to happen and why; I have learned from Nora to relax and trust in the power of the group of people we are working with; I believe it possible to go with the flow and recognize the wealth that sits within all of us and also trust our ability to channel it out…. All of these with Nora’s guidance, support and facilitation.
What did you like best about working with me?
Everything! You ask amazing questions, rather than give ready answers. You create circumstances for magical participation to happen. And it happens. You believe in people and they believe back.  You are honest, sincere, positive, creative and inspirational.
How else has your organisation and team benefited from our work together?
We have had some very important conversations (thanks to you) that helped us make steps in the right direction. We know each other better and what we expect from each other – you helped us achieve this as well. Our vision is much clearer – you had your fingers in it too… You name it!
Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?
Oh, yes, and wholeheartedly so. I would pretty much recommend your services to anyone who works with people and to whom people are in the center of their business.
What's the most important thing people should know about working with me? 
That you listen and that they should say it like it is and trust your recommendations.
Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
Yes. I am really looking forward to our next mutual adventure!

Laura Ferent, Director, 

Human Resources and Organizational Development
Habitat for Humanity,
Europe, Middle East and Africa


“I recommend Nora to organizations going through changes where employee engagement is essential, or where organisations are embarking in strategic development processes.
Working with Nora you can expect very high quality products, process design and need 
for limited involvement at critical points – check ins; adaptability, energy and passion; well designed and to the point questions that bring the conversations towards best 
I love Nora's appreciative and participatory approach to strategy development, learning process design and development, her knowledge of and use of innovative learning methodologies and technologies, her vision for learning and her passion for seeing 
organisations succeed.”

dr. monica Boos

project consulting.coaching, Germany

Ich habe mit Nora einen Tag inklusive Follow up per Skype zum Thema Engagement gearbeitet. Die konkreten Fragestellung bezogen sich auf das (nicht vorhandene) Vertrauen unter Mitarbeitern eines kleinen Teams sowie auf die Frage, wie sehr die 40 Mitarbeiter eines Einzelhandelsunternehmens ihr Arbeits-Umfeld wirklich zu schätzen wissen. 

Den Intensiv-Arbeitstag mit Nora habe ich als sehr professionell, fokussiert und thematisch wertvoll empfunden.  Nora lebt was sie vermittelt: Engagement verbunden mit einer wunderbar wertschätzenden Haltung und ihrer lebhaften Persönlichkeit. Wesentliche Resultate waren für mich die persönlichen Erkenntnisse zum Thema Engagement und welche Potentiale High Impact Meetings entfalten. Bestätigung fand ich in dem Ansatz, dass der eigene innerer Zustand, die eigenen inneren Bilder entscheidend für die Interaktion in meinem Team ist. 

Die Arbeit mit NG kann ich vor allem kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen empfehlen, bei denen strukturierte OE/PE Arbeit im Alltagsgeschäft häufig nicht vorkommt. Ganz sicher können einige 'low hanging fruits' dank ihrer Hilfe schnell und ergebniswirksam geerntet werden. 

andras kep.png

Andras szeker, ceo

Habitat for Humanity Hungary



“Nora has been supporting a strategy overhaul process in Habitat Hungary. At the end of the process, Habitat Hungary’s focus on social impact became stronger  and clearer, our activities more relevant, bold and innovative.
With Nora’s help, the process could be designed in a participatory and interactive way that encouraged trust and creativity. 

If you want your partners to be proactive, empowered, committed, to build trust, ownership, and to truly get the maximum of what people have to offer, Nora can help you design set-ups,spaces, meetings, processes, and an atmosphere that will enable you to achieve this.”